Monday, August 6, 2018

Turning trash into treasure

I've wanted to try growing plants from food in the house for a long time... Here goes. Hasn't everyone tried the toothpicks in the avocado pits? I did. I could never get it to work.

July 10, 2018

I was eating lunch with my husband near his job in Bethesda and ordered water with lemon. I read that you have to peel of the waxy coating of the seeds. I peeled them and brought them home. I put them in a paper towel, dampened it, sealed it in a zip-close bag and left it for a few weeks in the pantry (not near light.) I was happily surprised to see the seeds germinate after about a month! Now I've planted them, and I will update the pictures as they grow. I also tried cherry seeds after I figured out how to get them out of the pit, but those have not germinated yet. After a little more research, I did find out that sweet cherry seeds are more difficult to germinate... I'm going to keep them going in the baggy in case they decide to surprise me.

Today I decided to try more lemon seeds, but without peeling them first. I read that the peeling step might not be necessary. I also had an orange on hand and decided to try to germinate those seeds.

8/2/18 peeled lemon seeds after germinating in a wet paper towel, sealed in a zip bag

8/6/2018 lemon trees - the taller one is ~ 2"

7/15/2018 sweet cherry seeds

8/6/2018 lemon seeds (not peeled)
8/6/2018 orange seeds (not peeled)

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