Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Problem Solving in the Lunchroom at School

Plastic cups from the dollar store, B for boys and G for girls, to be used as bathroom and water passes in the lunchroom. Kids will ask permission and then take the appropriate cup - NOT to the bathroom - to their lunch spot to effectively mark that a student at that table is out of the room. We tried clothespins, which got lost, and let's face it - ew, gross. We moved on to the famous red plastic disposable cups and were pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the method, although the cups didn't quite last. So here we go with sturdier, yet inexpensive plastic tumblers as passes. These cups came packaged four for one dollar - not bad! I bought the small apron from Home Depot for less than one dollar, to use for the ketchup that inevitably gets forgotten in the lunch line, along with utensils and napkins. It also works great for extra bandages. Once kids started asking me if I worked at Home Depot I knew I had to embellish it! I'll probably add some more to the apron tomorrow. Wish us luck with the plastic cup passes, and be sure to let me know if you try it out and how it goes at your school!

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