Wednesday, February 27, 2013

T-shirt to baby receiving blanket!

My kids went to the same elementary school for 8 years. We collected a lot of spirit wear over the years. When one of my kid's teachers had her first child, I knew exactly what the perfect gift would be. I started to cut out the logo parts of the t-shirts and piece them together. I backed the blanket with some super soft nursery flannel with stripes. It turned out great! I was very proud of this project. I stumbled upon one picture I have of the project recently and wanted to share the idea. This could be a great project to work on for a retiring teacher too! I wish I had more photos and detailed instructions, but it was very easy, even for a beginner sewer. If you try it, or have a similar project, please feel free to share it to my Facebook page at:

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  1. Love the idea and your choice of colors. Very nice.