Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beautiful kitchen cabinet knobs or drawer pulls turned into decorative hangers

I have a collection of colorful purses that used to sit piled on the floor of my closet. Naturally I hardly ever switched them out... until I came up with a beautiful way to display them and store them for super easy switching. Happy "aha" moment to me. All you need are some kitchen cabinet drawer pulls of your choosing and some wood dowel screws. The screws are double sided with one threaded pointy side that goes into the wall, and a flat threaded side that you screw the drawer pull onto. I've added to the wall over the years:

It's a very easy beginner DIY project!
Please find the tutorial below!


Cabinet knobs or drawer pulls of your choice

one hanger bolt (sometimes called a wooden dowel screw) for each knob

Triple Grip Cobra brand anchors (just my personal preference because they work, and come with the exact drill bit you'll need for the perfect size hole)

rubber mallet

drill (I prefer a cordless/rechargeable)

Here's a close up picture of the hanger bolts you'll need, and wall anchors that I prefer...

The hanger bolt is a two-sided screw that has no head. One side is flat, and the other is pointy. 

Drill the hole in the wall where you want to install the drawer pull.

Gently pound the plastic wall anchor into the hole, using a rubber mallet.

Then screw the drawer pull (or cabinet knob) onto the flat side of the hanger bolt. This will give you a nice big knob to use to screw the hanger bolt into the wall anchor.

Now check out how many times I've returned to the purse wall to add more knobs and more purses!!!

Now, make sure you have a GREAT purse organizer so that you can easily switch purses in no time flat! My favorite is made by Pursefection. Please make sure you let me know how your wall turns out and what you decide to hang on the knobs! You can share pictures and comments on my Facebook page at: MaybeSew.

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